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PATB is a program for block adjustment using the well-proven bundle method for highest accuracy specifications. Since it's initial public lauch in 1972, the program has been continuously further developed and upgraded according to the improvement of photogrammetric theory and the progress in new computer systems. Today, the actual version PATB-NT is one of the most advanced bundle block adjustment program worldwide. Highly optimized with regard to extreme numbers of observations and photographs, PATB shows stunning execution speed on Personal Computer systems. PATB-NT is about 3 times faster in execution than the preceding DOS version on the same computer system. Hundreds of companies and institutions confirm the intuitive self-explanatory user interface and economic program handling in daily practical work.


The calculation of all required initial values of the unknowns is done automatically from your data, without referring to preceding manual preparation. There are no restrictions concerning overlap, numbering systems, number of observations and block size. Self-calibration is used to correct simultaneously for systematic image errors. Different sets of orthogonal self-calibration parameters can be applied for the complete block or for groups of photographs to ensure an optimum accuracy. Automatic correction of earth curvature and refraction can be applied optionally. Automatic detection and elimination of blunders during the adjustment avoids tedious manual data cleaning. The method of robust estimators for data cleaning guaranties the detection of all possible data errors ranging from severe administrative numbering errors up to small measuring errors. Besides control point information, PATB allows the simultaneous adjustment of kinematic GPS observations with optional drift correction. The linear drift correction for the x, y and z co-ordinates of the GPS observations compensates for most of the errors caused by GPS drift, unavailable transformation parameters or transformation formula to your local terrain co-ordinate system, antenna offset, cycle slips and systematic errors of the perspective center co-ordinates.
PATB also offers the possibility for rigorous error propagation and sophisticated statistical analysis based on the normal equation inverse. Geometrically weak areas in a network are then easily locatable. The standard deviations of the image orientation parameters and the final adjusted co-ordinates and their mean - and maximum values inform about accuracy and reliability of your AT block and its design. A graphical overview for the essential adjustment results provides an instant and thorough analysis of the adjustment results. These features of PATB ensure reliability and are the basis to achieve high accuracy specifications for a block adjustment even with minimum or no ground control points. PATB is the economic solution for your AT projects.


PATB is well suited for all types of aerial triangulation in particular for all AT projects with high accuracy specifications.

Input and Output:

The observations of image co-ordinates (referring to the fiducial mark system) will be used directly besides the observations from object space and all a priori standard deviations. All observations can be read in from ASCII files in any user-defined format. The input of different antenna offsets for different GPS observations offers the use of IMU-supported aerial camera systems. Initial orientation parameters, if available, can be read in to reduce the number of iteration steps. All block parameters, information about the iteration steps and statistics of interest will be on the printout file. In addition, photo connections, corrected image co-ordinates and residuals, adjusted terrain co-ordinates, critical points and orientation parameters can be selected for printout and / or onto additional ASCII files.

User Interface:

The menu-guided input of data including help function avoids most handling and typing errors and reduces training courses to the photogrammetric essentials. A continuous informative display during execution of the adjustment keeps the user fully informed about the progress of data cleaning and the adjustment.

Program Versions:

  • PATB-NT: Full version for Windows XP/Vista/7 with no limitations.
  • PATB-MINI: Special small version with all features of PATB-NT; limited to 100 photographs.


All PATB software is delivered with a hardware security plug to be used with USB or parallel port (printer port) of your computer to prevent from non-authorized use.

Customer Support and Consulting:

Customer support and consulting services are available for special prices on request.

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