KČ - Photogrammetry




CAP - Combined Adjustment Program

A software package for a combined adjustment

of photogrammetric and geodetic networks

Your solution in close range photogrammetry

CAP is an efficient and highly optimized software program package for a combined adjustment of photogrammetric and geodetic measurements. It is designed for a simultaneous adjustment of numerous observation types (e.g. image co-ordinates, distances, directions, object co-ordinates, bundle orientation parameters) for 3D point determination and a simultaneous spatial orientation of photogrammetric images (analog or digital) and/or theodolite measurements. CAP offers free net adjustment, deformation analysis, camera calibration, rigorous error propagation and statistical analysis including blunder detection. Sophisticated algorithms are implemented to minimize storage requirements and computing time. A singularity-free parameterization for the bundle rotations helps to avoid ill-conditioned equation systems.

Since its initial release in 1989 CAP has been improved continuously. The use of CAP was considerably simplified by the integration of an intuitive user interface. CAP is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

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