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K² - Photogrammetry:

In 1989, Dipl.-Math. Hermann Klein and Dr. Rüdiger Kotowski founded K² - Photogrammetry as a common working pool for software development, service and consulting in aerial triangulation and close range photogrammetry.

Since 1997, the company operates from three offices: one in Bogor / Indonesia under the management of Dipl.-Math. Hermann Klein, one in Germany under the management of Dr. Rüdiger Kotowski and one in Singapore under the management of Dr. Enrico Clerici.

Software for Aerial Triangulation:

At the time of the company’s inception the core business of the company was the development, marketing and implementation of the well-known aerotriangulation software packages PATM and PATB.

With the development of the PAT suites of programs, Dipl.-Math. Hermann Klein has made a unique contribution to the world of photogrammetry for which he was rewarded the “Hansa Luftbild Award” and the “Pulfrich Award”.

Over the years, PATM and PATB have been installed on more than 60 different classes of mainframe computers all over the world, and are now running on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP platforms.

Software for Close Range Photogrammetry:

Dr. Kotowski’s main activities are the development of software, project service and consulting in close range photogrammetry.

The program package CAP for a combined adjustment of photogrammetric as well as of a wide range of non-photogrammetric and geodetic observations was added to the software of K² - Photogrammetry. Besides developing new features and a more intuitive user interface, CAP has been made ready for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP platforms.


Aerial triangulation:

  • Design of photogrammetric blocks, including control points and kinematic GPS observations.
  • Optimisation of blocks related to accuracy requirements.
  • Flight planning and flight mission.
  • Adjustment of blocks with PATB or PATM including data cleaning.

As-built process plant analysis:

  • Production of as-built documentation of large industrial facilities.
  • Acquisition, management and exploitation of very large image archives with HAZMAP.
  • Integration into Facility Management and CAD systems.

Camera calibration:

  • Of analogue and digital cameras as well as active projectors.
  • Design of appropriate camera calibration set-ups.

Close range triangulation:

  • Design of geometrical surveying concepts.
  • Economic network optimisation by combining appropriate sensors and observation types.
  • Combined adjustment with CAP.

Consulting and training:

  • In aerial photogrammetry with respect to theory and practice.
  • In close range photogrammetry with emphasis on industrial metrology and 3D machine vision.

3D optical measurement systems:

  • Design and realization.
  • Smooth integration into existing production processes.

Company Mission Statements:

Our profound experience in photogrammetry is a result of more than 40 years of continuous learning, understanding and adopting new important developments combined with technology transfer into practice. This dynamic process is an essential part of K2’s philosophy.

  • We are committed to continue developing and providing photogrammetric triangulation software, which reflects the needs of practical photogrammetry.
  • We are committed to continue providing photogrammetric consulting and project services at highest quality levels of outstanding quality at competitive rates.
  • We are committed to keep promised schedules.
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